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Elite Lacrosse Club COVID-19 Waiver 

Please view this video discussion with experts on returning to play.

Coronavirus and Youth Sports: How Should Youth Sports Return to Play

Elite Lacrosse Club Requirements: Return to Play

Travel Policy

If a player or coach travels by way of airplane, they are required to self quarantine for 10 days upon arrival back to Maryland.

If a player or coach travels to what is considered a 'known hotspot' for COVID-19, they are required to self quarantine for 10 days upon arrival back to Maryland.  The 'known hotspot' can change according positive case reporting.


Any coach, player, parent, referee and or spectator who is sick,
has a persistent cough, is running a temperature or is displaying
any symptoms suggesting that the individual may be ill, (from any
contagious malady, including cold, flu, or suspected corona virus)
will be prohibited from attending training or games. Any coach or
administrator who sees any adult attendee who displays any of
these symptoms should be politely but firmly asked to leave. A
minor who is displaying any of these symptoms should be safely
isolated until an adult responsible for the minor can remove the

No physical touching between players and coaches

Maintain six (6) feet distance at all times. Coaches shall ensure
and all players and coaches avoid 'high fives' handshakes, or
other types of physical touching. We understand that this may be
difficult as players enjoy celebrating with their teammates (or even
give them a hug after being apart for so long!), but we need to be
diligent at enforcing this protocol for health and safety of our
players and their families. Coaches may not walk up to a player,
closer than six (6) feet to offer help or guidance.

Wearing masks during training sessions

Coaches may choose to wear appropriate face coverings during
training sessions, but it is personal choice. Players will also be
allowed to wear masks while training, but this will be a personal
choice of the player's parent of guardian. No other individuals are
permitted to attend the training session.

Hand sanitizer

Players should have hand sanitizer for personal use. Once a
player leaves her car, she must use hand sanitizer before
stepping on the field or sidelines of the field.

Avoid shared equipment

Players should have their own equipment including : A player
should have their stick, ball, water bottle, goggles, mouth guard
and other necessary equipment. Equipment may not be shared.

Reduce players touching practice equipment

The handling of all training items, i.e., cones, ball bag, goals etc.
will be limited to coaches.  The gathering should be 10 members or 
less and always have six(6) feet of space between each member attending.
Coaches may not have players stand or assemble in lines or small groups. 
Coaches should alter their training methods to incorporate appropriate 
social distancing (maintaining 6 feet distancing between players when providing instruction, etc.)

Practice and spectators

At this time, full team gatherings are permitted. Parents,
siblings, spectators are not permitted to come the field or the
sideline area of the field. No gatherings are permitted in the
parking areas, either.

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